Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days of Life: Day 8

We said "See you soon" to a precious brother in Christ today. This precious man of God had lived a long and blessed life, and it was a sweet sadness as several gathered to celebrate a life well lived. The music, testimonies, and preaching were each wonderful in a very touching way. The legacy he leaves behind will continue to resonate for God's glory for many, many years to come.

As we stood at the graveside and participated in the 'Celebration of Life', Brandon and I both noticed one person in particular. She stood quietly tucked behind several family and friends at the graveside service, and there were no special public mentions of her throughout the day. She didn't give a speech on stage or draw attention to herself in any way. But, we were watching, and she spoke volumes to us.

This dear friend we quietly observed called this precious man, who is now with Jesus, Grandad. We know she has cared for him in countless ways during the last several years of his life, and she has been on the front-line in numerous aspects as Grandad's health has waned in recent years. We've seen the gentle sadness she's carried while knowing the end was near. While she's never been one to want or seek attention, she sure had ours today. To be able to love and serve the way she has while never wanting glory for herself is a true inspiration to us. Dear friend of ours, we thank you for your loving, selfless example. May God be glorified through the way you shine for Him.

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful words for my Daddy and my prescious daughter. You truly know her do well and love her so much. Thank you for mentoring her. You will never truly know or understand the positive impact you have had on her life. Kenneth and I will be forever greatful that God cslled you to FBC Roswell. She hadn't read this when I read it outloud to her, her Dad and Nanny-it made her cry.