Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Life: Day 11

Saying goodnight to our 5 year old...

Dear Clara,

Tomorrow you will be 6! We are so excited that we will get to celebrate this special day with you! I can see that are thrilled beyond measure to be crossing this milestone! Even as I type this, I wonder if you're asleep by now. I suspect that you are still grinning and giggling as you think about the cupcakes, ice-cream and presents that will soon be yours. 

When you wake up, you will seem much more grown to me. Being 6 seems so much different than 5, and since you're so tall already, you'll now have an age to match your height. You've lost two teeth recently; there replacements are coming in quickly. Your clothes seem to be shrinking faster these days. The alphabet is now alive to you, and numbers mean so much. How precious you are counting on your fingers all the time! Your eyes shine when you're thinking, and we can tell that you are pondering much in that sweet head of yours. Yes, there are many ways I can see that you're ready for "6".

Although you're ready, I have to wonder if I am ready for the morning light to come. I think about the days and years gone by, and I am somewhat sad to say goodnight to you, my 5 year old. But as I think about the days and years to hopefully come, I am held peacefully captive in knowing that God has created you to grow in Him, to know Him, and to show Him to this wonderful world! 

We pray that you will know the Great Love  - that He died for you, and that you will live in this beautiful freedom for all the days to come. For this is the only way to actually live! So, live sweet one, and we will rejoice in "6" and only look back on "5" with the best of memories. We love you, Clara!

With hugs and kisses... goodnight my sweet girl,

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  1. I relate Kristen! On every birthday eve, especially my youngest, I think "This is the last 5 year old goodnight hug and kiss...." Birthday are hard and wonderful all at once!