Thursday, January 22, 2009


It has been too long. Too long since I last wrote to you, my precious blogger friends. So, settle in, and get ready for my rambling randomness.

First off, we have all had a wonderful year, so far! It was hard getting back into the swing of things, and we've had a few minor fevers, coughs, etc. But, we've pressed on. Libby is doing well in homeschool and her other programs. She is loving her Upward Cheerleading season, and I am having a blast coaching her team! Clara is talking more and more all the time. She loves to color and play with her baby dolls...neither of which her older sister really took to. It's so neat how God makes everyone so unique!

Brandon and I have been focusing on good health this January...haven't you? We typically do this throughout our year...or at least try to! It was this time 2 years ago that we both began to work diligently to shed many unhealthy pounds. We praise God for the success He's given us. While it has been a wonderful journey of weightloss, we are becoming convinced more than ever about it being a journey of health. Last September, I began researching aspartame and its side effects. It didn't take much for me to realize the fact that I was poisoning myself and my family by eating all of the sugar free foods we'd come to love and even rely on. We were already well aware of the effects that food dyes have on our children and their eczema. Naturally, a thought process began to really roll. What is in our food? What is it doing to us? The very same week, God used a friend to help lead us to some resources to find answers to those questions. Some other friends had already been influencing us in this direction...we just didn't know it at the time because we weren't ready, I guess. Much thanks to you all!

So, now, I almost feel like officially announcing we are "weirdos" because that's typically how we humans tend to feel towards others we don't "get". Maybe that's just me...and now, I've confessed to you all that I think you're weird if you're not like me...and that whole comment above about God making us all unique really has no value... umm..., yeah, it does... We're just uniquely weird, maybe? Anyway, without further ado...we are weird now because: we are grinding our own wheat (making our own flour), drinking raw milk, trying to use unrefined ingredients in our cooking, etc. We can no longer grocery shop without thinking about where our food comes from and what's in it. Also, while in the grocery store, I can't help but think about how the majority of people eat food that's really not even food at all. (That's another blog, another day.) We have stepped into this new world of how we view, buy, cook and consume food. Yes, we do hope that we have good health and all that, but it's really something different for us right now. We just want to eat real food...perhaps...dare I say, the way that God made it? (And, yes, we're still pork eaters and no, we're not raw food foodies, either.) Please, all you fellow weirdos...accept my apology if my calling you weird is offensive...just accept your weirdness, people!! Good weird.

In other aspects of life, we've both been diligent in our exercise routines and have been using our YMCA membership regularly. I love to attend group fitness classes and am currently working on a Couch to 5K program. I hope to be able to run 2-3 miles without stopping soon. Brandon gets his runs in and works out on the machines as well. Also, we are excited to see God growing our church! So much of the growth is in our young married department...lots of young couples, their sweet children, and lots of babies on the way. So, our preschool is experiencing a full feeling that we hope is here to stay with more on the way! For Brandon, this means lots to do...lots of volunteer positions to fill. He is also busy working on starting Children's Church which means even more volunteers to find. We know that the Lord already has the workers because this is His work. Will you pray for those workers...that they will be obedient to His calling them? We covet your prayers.

Now, you've been officially updated. Be on the lookout for most posts pertaining to the topics of the weirdos.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Happiest Season of All!

The past few weeks have just been wonderful! We had a blessed Christmas celebration with our family. Everyone was well, and it was such a peaceful time. It was one of my favorite holiday seasons so far! On Christmas Eve, the Hutchinson side of the family gathered at our home for sharing gifts, dinner and birthday cake for Jesus. We all attended the Christmas Eve Candlelight service, which is tradition for us...especially since Brandon has a part in the service each year. After the service, we were able to hang out at the Live Nativity of a little bit.

Christmas morning, we enjoyed reading "What God Wants for Christmas" and opening presents. Libby was ecstatic to get a cupcake maker. Clara was thrilled with her jumbo tin of playdough and accessories. We headed over to Milton around lunch time and had a big family Christmas dinner with more of our family. It was a great day!

The day after Christmas, we left for North Alabama to spend some time with the Brasell side of the family. We were able to spend several days there and truly enjoyed our trip! I turned another year older while we where there and had a great birthday. (I love that I get to be with my family on my birthday most years! Didn't like a holiday time birthday so much when I was younger because I didn't get to see my friends.) On our way back home, we stopped to try out ice skating. (Not fun. I think a child should have a better grasp of balance before trying to ice skate...or at least know how to skate in general, maybe?) We did have a great time hanging out at the mall where the ice skating rink was, and Libby thinks ice skating was fun. That's all that matters, right?!?

We spent New Year's being lazy around here and trying to get back to some kind of normal...whatever that is! It is definetly hard getting back into a routine, and we were all a bit sad to say goodbye to Christmas 2008. It was the most Hap Happiest Season of All!