Monday, May 11, 2015


Today is a special day. It's a day that changed my life ever before I knew it needed changing. This day came along many years ago, and somehow, I feel it was made just for me. Today is Brandon's birthday.

This year, we're celebrating a bit differently. In fact, we're not even celebrating much at all. You see, I'm 20 hours away spending time with my mom and dad, because we just learned that my dad has cancer. Our children are in another state spending time with their other grandparents. Brandon is home doing what he does every day: working to take care of our family.

I am so very grateful for him and the tremendous way he provides for our family. He serves his church and community with such care and love. Honestly, I feel like I married WAY up. (Yeah, he's a whole foot and few inches taller than me.) My girls and I recently calculated that he has served us approximately 3,000 meals in the past years. We can't even fathom the number of dishes he has washed.

I could go on and on with telling you about all of his wonderful deeds. But, that's not Brandon. He really would want me to tell you about the wonderful, matchless love of Jesus. That's what he tells me about every day. He tells me through the way he loves. Matchless, yet matching. He matches Jesus in so many ways. And me, well, I'm just glad Jesus made Brandon and me matches. Happy Birthday, Brandon!