Monday, December 31, 2012

If You Give Brandon a Garbage Disposal...

Replacing the garbage disposal is taking us on a lonnngg plumbing journey! Today begins day #3. Stay tuned for a more detailed post...gotta love plumbing the Two Layered House way!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Two Layered House - Month 1

Tomorrow will mark the one month date of owning our new home. What a month it has been! I've been wanting to update everyone on the house, but there just hasn't been the time, or the internet connection, or the computer out of the box, or the perfect pictures to go with... Anyway, I am forcing myself to sit down and update as best as I can. I think that blogging about the house will help me realize how much has been down already instead of focusing on everything that is still undone. Undone... That's a place we'll be awhile. ;-)

After signing the 100s of papers that made this sweet little place ours, we did want any new homeowner would do. We drove right over and ran excitedly through the house thinking of all the things to be done and dreaming of what would make it lovely in our eyes. We quickly got back to the reality of work, school, packing, moving, construction work...all with Christmas gaining closer and closer on our heels. Brandon was in charge of 3 performances of a major Christmas production at church, and the girls and I were right by his side as much as we could be. As if that wasn't enough, we were also helping the construction team (more in a minute) at the new house. Did I mention all the packing, cleaning, and moving going on somewhere in the midst? 

Christmas didn't slow down, and we did get moved in. Finally! :-) Everything went great at church, and somehow, we all survived this month. We have been over and abundantly blessed by the prayers, love, cards, Christmas gifts, meals, etc. that have come our way. We are also incredibly grateful to be part of a fellowship of believers who served our community during the Christmas season. Truly, it was an amazing month, and I consider it pretty near miraculous! :-) 

Now, what has been done this month to the house?
1. Two Chimneys and fireplaces gone! 
2. Foundation repair done! 
3. Some damaged plaster removed
4. Two toilets removed 
5. Two new toilets installed
6. Water softener now working 
7. Master bedroom walls and ceiling painted 

Main Chimney halfway down

Brandon hauling bricks

The girls standing by Chimney #2

Libby kneeling the hole Brandon and friends dug

Clara helping dig a hole
We hired a construction company to remove the chimneys and fireplaces which were in severe disrepair. They also did the foundation work. Brandon worked right alongside them hauling brick (which we saved in hopes of making a patio), digging additional holes, pouring cement, and refilling said holes. We praise God for the men who came alongside him to help with this project because it was hard work and we were racing the clock. Libby, Clara, and I all helped, too. I know this requires a bit of a nutshell, the construction company showed Brandon how to get some additional foundation support for very little out of pocket cost to us... This required the additional and immediate work on our part.

We are very excited about our Two Layered House! (By the way, that's what Clara named this house.) Please do forgive me for any randomness and errors in this post...I think Santa's sleigh ran me over. ;-)