Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days of Life: Day 28

It's amazing that we've been able to post at least something everyday of this blog series so far. Phew! I keep thinking that I'm just not going to make it through to the end. Ha! That's saying something if you know how much of a talker that I am!! :-) It's sure been a pleasure to have you reading. October 31 will be my last certified daily post. If you'd like to keep up with our happenings, I encourage you to subscribe via email or your favorite feed reader if you haven't already.

Now, life... Today we had a wonderful time worshiping with our church family. We enjoyed a nice lunch and then hurried back to the church for Jingle Jam dance practice and a business meeting. Can I just tell you that leading children in a dance/praise rehearsal is a lot like aerobics?! It's going to be a fun season of getting to help lead this team, and maybe I'll even burn enough calories to justify all the Christmas eating! ;-) Seriously, it's going to be a fantastic time of year!

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