Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days of Life: Day 24

I can remember being 16 and wanting my own car sooooo badly! I looked at car ads anywhere I could find them. I practically new every make and model that was popular to our area. I begged my dad and mom to look at this one or that one. I was probably quite obnoxious about the whole thing, actually.

Then, my dad did something brilliant. He took me into a body shop and let me see first hand how cars that have been salvaged can be put back together to look like new. He had been explaining to me for weeks about the dangers of being lured by something that seemed like a good deal - a great deal! I just couldn't get it into my thick head. I determined that no one would be selling such a thing like my dad was concerned about. Now, in the middle of this salvage body shop, I began to understand. I could see for the first time why my dad didn't want me to settle for something that was less than ideal...something that could cause me great trouble in the future.

Well, here I am, several years later and just as bull-headed...maybe even more so. Today, while getting my hopes over something, God brought people into the situation that helped me see the reality of what was in front of me. It was like being in that body shop all over again. While there was some disappointment over not having things MY way, I am so thankful that God is protected me from myself. I am my own worst enemy.

Again, I'm so thankful that Jesus rescued me unto Himself and that he is there to keep rescuing me from myself. Oh, and by the way... I did end up getting a great (used) first car! It was something that came our way as we least expected it. I worked hard to pay off the easily affordable payments. Then, after the car had met my needs, I was able to gift it to someone I loved. Though that car is now in car heaven, it lived 15 years and served me and its next owner quite faithfully. :-)

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