Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days of Life: Day 13

It has been a great day! We enjoyed Clara's birthday bike ride, and the weather was perfect! There is something incredible about the cool fall mornings. We are so thankful for God's blessings on our day. Clara is thrilled with all of her birthday gifts, and it is quite fun to see your child delight in the simple things of childhood. She helped me write thank-you notes tonight, and she begged to keep writing even after I said we had done enough for today. So sweet! 

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we are excited about this "God's" day! It's staff appreciation day, and I'm already overwhelmed by the thought of it. :-) We consider ourselves so blessed to be part of our wonderful church family, and they continually show us love and support. It's awesome to be doing God's work with this body of believers! It's humbling that they are choosing to say "Thank You" to the staff tomorrow. 

We will also be having auditions for this year's Christmas production. Brandon is putting it all together, and Libby is seeking to be part of the dance praise team (aka: rhythmic movement team). Clara and I will be helping in various capacities, and I'm sure we can't fully know all the unknowns (ha!) we'll need to help take care of.  Please be in prayer for this endeavor. It will be an incredible opportunity to introduce people to the gift of Jesus! I'll keep you posted...

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