Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days of Life: Day 23

Kristen told me I had to write 5 things that you likely do not know about me.  Depending on when you knew me and how much attention you paid, you will already know some of these.  And, if you are in my family you should know this stuff already, in which case you are exempt from being surprised.

5 Things You didn't know about Brandon and probably never cared to know

1.  While in college and for my first year of Seminary, I worked in daycare.  I ran a room of 12 12-18 month olds by myself for several hours a day.  I look back on that time and think the director was crazy.  I wouldn't hire me to do that job again.  It was fun and though it is prideful, I don't mind saying I was good at it.

2.  I received a Varsity Letter in Tennis all fours years of High school and was ranked #1 in my school for 3 of those years.  This doesn't mean I was good at tennis, the rest of the school was that bad.

3.  I used to raise chickens as a hobby.  I had several different breeds in an enclosure my dad built.  My Mom called it the "Chicken Mansion."  I was into it a bit.  I read a book called "The Chicken Health Handbook" and had posters of different breeds of show chickens on my bedroom walls.  (that sounds creepy now that I say it).

4.  In college, I took one semester of piano and one of guitar.  I had read on Kristen's "list" that she wanted to marry someone who was musical.  I tried.

5.  I minored in Spanish in college.  I wrote a 5 page paper in Spanish about Don Quixote  which I had read.  In Spanish.  Now, I barely can order a Nachos bel Grande at Taco Bell.

Here are 5 more things that are more interesting, but you likely already knew, or will not be surprised to hear.

1.  If outside, my sneezes can be heard up to a mile away.  If inside, well let's just say it ain't pretty.

2.  At a Mexican restaurant in Atlanta, I ate their 17" burrito to earn a free t-shirt.  According to the server, it was the fastest time ever.  I then had my complimentary dessert and helped Kristen finish her meal.

3.  I like to cook.  Mostly it flows for a greater desire to eat.  I like eating, it's my favorite.

4.  I do not "act"  The few times in life I have been in productions, I have to play someone who is like me.  Otherwise it is terrible.  Which is also why I do not wear costumes or "dress-up" ever.  Call me a fun-sucker all you want, but I do not do it (except for Christmas this year)

Now for the more serious one to make all the girls say "awww" and think  I am a great husband (but that is not why I am writing this)

5.  I am absolutely in love with my wife.  Even when she is in a mood (which absolutely rarely happens) I sometimes just laugh and tell her I love how she gets upset.  I love how she is happy.  I love how she cares for others (since I really don't do that so well).  I love the mother she is to our girls.  I love that we are content to listen to each other breathe on the phone even after 11 years of marriage.

There you go.  Hope it wasn't awkward for you.

My professors always said I was too wordy when I wrote, I see what they meant, but I like talking about me.  Me is very interesting, don't you think?

 After all, you read this much.

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