Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of Life: Day 3

25 Things:

1. We didn't get to watch the presidential debate tonight.
2. The brakes had to get fixed on the car today.
3. The girls and I had to find a ride to church.
4. I forgot to go over one of the major segments of Libby's school work.
5. Brandon had a last minute meeting come up.
6. Wednesday church activities went on.
7. A precious brother in Christ went home to heaven tonight.
8. Our hearts hurt.
9. Our hearts rejoice.
10. I clipped nails...mine, Clara's, and the dog's.
11. I still need to clip Libby's.
12. The seat belt in the car needs to be replaced.
13. I'm reading "Excused Absence" by Doug Wilson.
14. Listening to Pastor Matt's sermon on podcast in 1.5x speed is so cool!
15. Brandon is super busy with lots of special events going on at church.
16. Please pray for him.
17. Our girls want to invite approximately 53.4 people to Friend Day at our church.
18. They want to be able to give them a ride to church, too. :-)
19. iOS6 has messed up our iPhones.
20. I'm so thankful for our iPad!
21. Our friends are going through a very difficult time right now.
22. We are thrilled for our new worship pastor and family coming to FBC Roswell!
23. Listening to Brandon tie his shoelaces at 5:30 am is probably the loudest a shoelace can be!
24. I'm humbled that God puts us in places of leadership.
25. I hope we all read our Bibles more.

Life happened today. I'm thankful for Jesus who holds all things together.

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