Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days of Life: Day 2

Sometimes the more stressful mornings bring the most blessed evenings. Today was one of those days. A busy day for this procrastinator (me) tends to bring out the grump in me. I get so focused on all that needs to be done, which leads to plenty of guilt over not having done things sooner or in a more orderly way. So, I hurry my precious family along so we can check things off our list. These are good and right "things", but my flesh reacts hastily to each of the darlings that love me so much. We press on and get things done, and it is when I sit down to pray with a few dear friends a couple of hours later that I am reminded that this awkwardness I have felt (and dealt) all morning is because I haven't come to Him. The One who created order and is Peace softens my heart in an instant as I talk to Him. Thank you, Jesus.

In the midst of the piano lessons, the meetings, and all the things that made up this day, I want to tell you about a sweet thing that God has allowed us to be part of. Today and for the past 4 or so weeks, we have been going to the Boys and Girls club once a week after school to serve Him. We get to help prepare snack, help with homework, and be friends to about 50 children. Libby and Clara each get to help, too. It is a time that they have grown to look forward to, and both of them are eager to take candy and trinkets to their new friends each time we go. They both help make snacks and drinks, and Libby is able to help the Kindergarten students with their school work. Sometimes, she is able to help children her age with some of their homework, too. Libby is very concerned over the children that struggle with learning their letters and multiplication facts. She is ready to help them without even being asked! Clara begs to help however she can, and she was delighted to help fill drink cups today! We praise God for the sweet hearts He is growing in our girls, and we are amazed at how He is using these boys and girls to shape each of us.

Libby walks with a little girl during the children's free time, and Clara serves up some ice-cold lemonade.

It's been a full day. Full hearts. A blessed evening.

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