Thursday, November 19, 2015


We watched her paddle out & wait for a wave worth riding. I know we were all thinking that these waves were likely not really worth riding, not worth such effort...too small to provide much excitement. Before we knew it, she was up, gliding over the glassy gulf waters. Before she knew it, the ride was over. 

Brandon made the obvious remark about all the effort for such a small reward. Then, it came. Clara, our 9 year old said, "Yeah, but I bet it sure was fun!" 

Hearing her words sent me rewinding my thoughts to several weeks ago when I had a conversation with my dad. I was telling him how well Libby & Clara were doing with their music lessons but how I was feeling a bit overwhelmed in my own study of learning to play the mandolin. He told me that I just need to have more fun with it and that one day I was going to look back at life and wish we would've just had more fun. 

That was the last time I got to talk to my dad with any detail. It's been a week since he went Home, and today, I find myself standing on a pier...hoping I can learn to have more fun... More fun. All the effort, all the fun. Life to its fullest...or rather- funnest. ;-)