Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let the fun begin!

We are officially out of the house. Just us...not our stuff. That's tomorrow. We are so tired, and I'm wondering if I can stay awake long enough to write this post!! :-)

It's been a long day...one of packing, sweeping, cleaning, hugging, swimming & more goodbyes. Our road trip has sort of begun as we are no longer sleeping in our own place. The van is packed to the brim, an uncomfortable brim. We're going to have to unload & put some on the moving truck instead. I hate having to do that, but it is somewhat important that the girls are actually able to buckle up...and that they don't get buried by all the stuff should we happen to slam on the breaks. Good parent award, huh? We try.


  1. Oh, girl, I am praying for you! Buckle? They need to do that in EVERY state? :-) We always end up getting rid of something we need, just to keep the pillows & toys/activities intact in the back. Curious to see what goes.
    Be blessed as you begin the trip... Heather B

  2. Yea! So glad that you guys are on your way! Praying for safe, fun travels for you as you head our way. We can't wait for you to arrive!
    -Missy Meyers