Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 8

We've had a blast hanging out with our friends in Texas! Tonight, we were able to go and visit with our family in Christ at the first church we served in. Sweet times. Earlier in the day, we got to go over to Moses's house and see his new home. He has done a lot of work by putting in a lot of landscaping along with a koi pond. He even has chickens! It has been so good to visit with everyone!

Tomorrow, we'll be on the road, again. We will have leave here and travel to a fellow Children's Pastor's home. He serves in a church that is 3 hours from where we'll be serving, and we'll happen to be driving right through his town. We've been following he and his wife's blogs and have come to admire them in several ways. Getting to spend time with them hashing out all things childrens ministry is going to be priceless. It's like a grand field trip for us!

I think that reality is about to start setting in. Vacation will be over, and life will begin anew. We are thrilled and just humbled that God is taking us to be part of this new ministry. We will arrive in New Mexico on Friday!

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