Sunday, September 26, 2010

Temporary Dwellings

I noticed my husband's Facebook status said something about us getting settled into our temporary dwelling place, and there's part of me that just kinda cringed as I thought about having to resettle into another place in the coming weeks. I wondered what that place would be called. We'll more than likely be moving into a rental home and could possibly even buy a home sometime. So, does that mean that we'll be moving into a long-term temporary dwelling place? Cringe. Again. Kinda want to be done with the whole moving thing. Settled seems better, don't you think? Permanent dwelling place, maybe?

As I think about permanent dwelling places, I'm reminded that Christ is our only permanent dwelling place. I think about Abraham and Sarah in Genesis and how they moved around so many times. Yet, they knew their home was in heaven and that God was with them wherever they went. In the midst of life's changes and challenges, I am so thankful to know know Him. Every place is in this life is temporary. Our home is in Him no matter where we are or how long we will be there. Whatever life's circumstances, He is to be our dwelling place.

In a short while, Brandon will officially begin his new job, and our ministry will begin in our 3rd church. We are miles away from things that are familiar, yet we are completely at home. It is my prayer that our hearts and minds will be focused on true "dwelling" as we fix our eyes on Jesus and run the race of life full throttle, simply and boldly loving people for Him and for His glory alone.

Life can be so hard sometimes, and each of us can become very overwhelmed by temporary things that can seem so permanent. Friend, may your temporary dwellings be just that as you, too, fix your gaze upon Him and live in the only truly permanent dwelling place, Jesus. His peace be with you.

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  1. Precious are a natural, just need a book title for you...good & meaningful writing! Love all of you...can't wait to come and visit! Aunt Jandy