Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 2

This is Brandon...we are all quite tired tonight. We had a good visit with Jandy, Keri and family. Laundry got caught up and we set out for the second leg of the journey. We discovered that only 2 of the 8 cd's I had made for the trip worked, which means that Kristen has to stay awake to keep me awake now. We had "lunch" at Priester's with samples of pecan log, divinity, fiddlesticks and fudge. We also managed to find one of the few gas stations left on the road where you have to go get a key inside the building to use the outside restroom. We decided to go next door in search of a more pleasant restroom experience and discovered the exact same setup. To add to the excitement, the little man working at the station was upset we didn't buy anything.

We are now with Kristen's parents for the weekend. I always enjoy our time here and am looking forward to being busy doing nothing in particular. We are going to bed.

PS.. Kristen had written a long and very good post for tonight but her brother's netbook magically deleted it before you are stuck with me. She should be back tomorrow, so don't quit reading yet.

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