Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 4

Furniture delivered! It made it way before we will, and we're glad to have that taken care of. A sweet sister in Christ received it for us and will house everything in her storage "barn" until we're ready to move it into our home...wherever that will be. :-)

It's been another great day! We slept in and spent much of the morning in our p.j.s. Nice. Later, my mom and I were able to go out today and do some mother daughter shopping. It was nice to be out with just her. She is such a precious daughter of the King, and I'm grateful to call her my mom. Later in the afternoon, we all went to help set up for Cowboy Church. We had to move tables and chairs and sweep up in order to get everything ready for Sunday. After setting up, a few nice folks took us to their place in order to help feed their horses. They had several baby horses, and we all had a delightful time feeding them, petting them and watching them in the pastures. (Horses are really beautiful creatures.) We all went for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. It has become tradition to eat there whenever we're in town. Yum. The girls just finished helping PawPaw rehearse his music for in the morning. They love listening to him sing and play the guitar while they dance and try to sing along.

Signing off for the and hugs to everyone!

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