Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 1

We are officially homeless...or, as I like to say, "houseless". We, who are in Christ, are never homeless because our home is in Heaven. The movers had everything loaded in about 4 hours, and we are so thankful for their labor. A few things did come out of the car to get loaded onto the truck: a large rubbermaid of the girls clothes, our homeschool necessities and the dry erase board. Yes, the dry erase board. No worries, though. It should all arrive before we do. Which, leaves a somewhat unsettling feeling because that means someone else, precious person(s), will be receiving it for us...just hate to have to do that, but we are blessed to have such sweet friends be willing to do this.

We are visiting our first family on our way... Aunt Jandy, Keri, Jason & Avery. I just love being at my Aunt Jandy's home. She loves the Lord, and it's a peaceful respite to be her with her. Our girls are having a slumber party with their cousin Avery, while we are up late doing some laundry. After arriving at what is normally bedtime and chatting for a bit, we are looking forward to spending some time with them in the morning over a yummy breakfast.

Just a quick thank you for all of your prayers... we are truly feeling God's peace, protection and provision. Clara got car sick this morning, and we were "bumped" in a very minor fender bender later in the day. The car sickness put us behind schedule, but I totally needed to be humbled in the scheduling department. (No more schedules for the trip... unless absolutely necessary!) The fender bender was just an opportunity for me to be merciful to someone just as I've been shown so much mercy. It was just a scratch and the lady who "hit" me was so visibly upset. I got her name and number, gave her a huge hug as traffic whizzed by and assured her not to worry or be upset. There are too many other things in life to concern ourselves with, and being gracious and loving people are at the top of the list. I hope that I will remember to call her and share God's love with her sometime real soon.


  1. You guys have been on my heart today...glad to hear how your day went! It seems like not so long ago we were the ones in that whirlwind moving adventure and you were so VERY helpful to us. Miss you all, and praying for you! -Melonie

  2. Hi Hutchinsons! Praying for safe travel and happy/fun adventures on the way. FYI I am out of texts on my plan until Saturday...UHHHH no comment on that. Love to you all, Jessica