Saturday, October 18, 2008

When All You Can Do Is Laugh

Brandon left yesterday afternoon to go on an overnight campout with the RA's from church. He'll be home sometime today, but in the meantime, let me tell you all about MY adventures while he's been gone.

Last night, the girls and I baked homemade pizza (Brandon made and froze the crust last week.) Then, we snacked while watching the movie Fishtales. While the girl bonding time was quite fun, the movie was, well, NOT. It's not something I would've normally let Libby watch because of the content, but besides that...who in their right mind wants to endure a low-budget, poor acting, poor storyline, and just plain WEIRD movie that you actually had to pay to see? (Only $1 thanks to Redbox.) Bedtime was here before I knew it. We read some books, sang some songs, said our prayers, and hugged and kissed goodnight. I especially loved checking on them just before I went to bed. (Brandon usually does this.) Watching your children sleep is probably one of the best things in life. I got myself ready for bed and noticed that Brandon had put the new tube of toothpaste out. We weren't out of the other tube, but how nice of him to take that one with him and remember to put out the new one for me. I enjoyed staying up reading for a little bit longer.

Clara was up at 6:30 this morning. That should have been my clue right there. I quietly got her out of her bed and tried, to no avail, not to disturb Libby. So, needless to say, we were up and making breakfast by 7:00am. (Why doesn't anyone program children to sleep in on the days they are SUPPOSED to?!?) Thankfully, they each wanted cereal, which allowed me to spend time making Applesauce Bread for my breakfast while they ate theirs. (The house smelled soooo good while it baked.) Of course, when it was ready, we each sat down to have a piece. It was Bunny's 1 month birthday today, too. So, it fit quite nicely to call it cake and have her a little party. (Bunny is Libby's creation from Build-A-Bear. Libby shares her wonderfully with Clara, and she also has 2 hearts because they both put one in her while making her.)

With breakfast and 2nd breakfast over, it was time to prepare dinner. I, being so inspired by wonderful friends, actually menu planned for 2 weeks recently. I don't do much of the cooking because Brandon loves too, and I just don't like making the mess so much. Those little facts are important because had I realized that he wouldn't be here today, I wouldn't have planned to make Beef Stew today that had to cook for 8 hours...meaning... I would have to cook it. (I didn't really mind because I'm really looking forward to eating it!) So, get the meat out, season it, brown it, put it in the crockpot. And:

Major interruption 1: Clara shatters her new tea set all over the place by shaking it out of a bag and onto the floor at rapid arm swing, tea set slinging pace. STOP all other activities to secure barefoot children, sweep, and vacuum.

Back to cooking. Libby is now helping wash potatoes and carrots. She is having fun and taking her time. I continue to collect the other ingredients and take my time reading the recipe to make sure I'm getting it right. (It was a new recipe, after all.) I notice that Clara is quiet, and I assume she is just playing. I ask Libby to get me 2 onions from the pantry. And:

Major interruption 2:

Clara emerges. She is covered in toothpaste. My new tube of toothpaste. She is holding it in her hands, and my first thought is to laugh and grab the camera! How cute, right? Well, on my way to the camera, I had to jump over a large toothpaste covered patch in the carpet...and next to it...a baby doll covered in more toothpaste. (I am really overjoyed that we splurged and bought the LARGE tube this time!) Oh well, laugh. It really was funny. So, I made Clara come and sit next to her masterpiece for her picture. Then, it was off to the bath for her. The baby doll didn't fare so was more like in, it's a good thing we have like 5 because this one is going in the trash! Just before taking Clara to the bath, I took the remaining tube of toothpaste to my sink and noticed her other masterpiece...all over my bathroom cabinets and tile...complete with precious little toothpaste footprints. And, yes, they did trail all the way across my bedroom carpet. How else would she have gotten to the baby doll? After her bath, I just closed my door so I could get the stew finished and cooking.

So, the stew is cooking, I've scrubbed the carpet, cabinet, and tile. I've cleaned up all the dishes from all our morning fun. And, I've given myself the privilege of sharing my joyous morning with you all. The house currently looks like a tornado has come through it, but all I feel like I've done is clean...sweep, vacuum, bathe child, wash dishes, scrub carpet, wipe some cabinets and tile. It seems there should be something to show for all my hard work, but all I currently have is a home filled with toys that smells like toothpaste despite all the other good things it could smell like since I've been cooking. These are moments when all you can do is laugh, and be thankful that you have precious children to make messes, a home to clean up, food to cook, and a half-full tube of toothpaste.

If only you could see the three dimensional glops and smell the fantastic minty scent!


  1. Dear "Joy".. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Shana's mother and when I can't sleep, I enter the BLOGWORLD!...After reading your blog on the minty toothpaste..I had to chime in..way to cute is what my grandmas mind is saying!

    But I know all to well that when you are "in the moment" it's just not that cute. Just remember that you are raising adults and this little one might grow up and discover the best method for cleaning carpets...OR a better soap. (I use toothpaste and an old toothbrush to clean my diamond ring and bracelet)

    Joy, (is my signoff of choice)
    Mrs O.

  2. Hi Deedee! I am blessed to know Shana. Thanks for your sweet comments. You are right about raising adults. (That's kind of a scary thought!)