Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Death to Baby (doll)

Disclaimer: We really do watch our children...as difficult as that might be to believe based on my recent posts!

I couldn't resist sharing this video of what I found Clara doing yesterday. And yes, this is the 2nd baby doll to head to the trashcan this week! (It's a good thing they're a staple item at Wal-mart.) Oh, and Clara's hair do...that would be thanks to the bottle of hand soap sitting on the sink. :-)

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  1. Well, we haven't lost any baby dolls yet (thanks to our too-hard-for-M-to-use faucet handles, I'm sure, as well as a few scrubbings with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser), but we are definitely familiar with the soapy hairdos!! LOL Clara is getting so big! I love the look on her face when you first walk in, like, "Uh-OH, she caught me and I am in deep trouble!" We are familiar with that look too!