Monday, October 13, 2008

Clara's 2!

Here are some pictures from Clara's 2nd B'day events. We had a lot of fun! To celebrate, her friends came over on Friday to sing her favorite songs and read her favorite books. They danced and sang and then, danced and sang some was too cute! For cake, each child decorated a twinkie to look like a "bus" because Clara loves the song "Wheels on the Bus". Later, Grammy and Pa came over to help celebrate and brought some presents, too! On Sunday, her actual b'day, she wore her "I'm 2!" tag to church. It was fun to see the adults and children all wishing her "Happy Birthday!" The 4 of us celebrated here at home and enjoyed our sweet Clara. We thank God for giving her to us!

Clara's "cake"

"No hands!" (see the video of Clara in previous post 'Swinging with Daddy')


Here is Clara showing off her $2.


  1. Such adorable pictures! Happy Birthday, Clara! We enjoyed the party so much! :)

  2. Happy bday, Clara! She is getting so big!! Wish we could have celebrated with you!