Friday, April 10, 2009

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies made with Succanat

Brandon and I have recently become big fans of Cooks Illustrated. A few friends highly recommended CI because they teach how to cook. On their website (which does require a membership fee), information abounds on recipe testing and product reviews, and they have lots of illustrations and how-to videos. (You can sign up for a 2 week trial membership, and of course, their books are wonderful resources as well.) We really appreciate the fact that they have tested so many recipes and techniques in order to deliver the best methods and recipes...ensuring less wasted time and money on our part. That is always a good thing!
Today, we decided to use their recipe for The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie. We adapted it just slightly because we use freshly ground whole wheat flour and succanat. If there seems to be some tedious steps involved, it is because CI found the steps necessary to deliver the perfect result, and trust me people, it is well worth it! (Ghirardelli's 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate chips was recommended by CI product reviews. That is what we used.) We were quite thrilled with our results...this being our first try making cookies with fresh whole wheat flour and succanat. Without further ado, I give you:

Brandon and Kristen's Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies
(adapted from Cooks Illustrated)

2 1/4 c. whole wheat flour (soft white, freshly ground)

1/2 tsp. baking soda

14 TBSP butter (1 3/4 sticks)

1 whole egg

1 egg yolk

1 c. succanat

1 tsp. kosher salt

2 tsp. vanilla

1 3/4 c. chocolate chips

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

2. Combine flour and baking soda. Set aside.

3. Melt 10 TBSP butter in 10 inch skillet over medium heat. Swirl the pan constantly for about 1-3 min. until the butter turns slightly brown and has a nutty smell. Using a stainless steel skillet will allow you see the butter turn in color.

4. Pour browned butter into a heat-proof bowl and add the remaining 4 TBSP butter. Stir until the remaining butter is melted. Add succanat, vanilla, and salt. Whisk together. Then, add egg and egg yolk. Whisk together for 30 sec. Let mixture sit for 3 min. Stir for 30 sec. Let mixture sit for 3 min. Stir for 30 sec. Let mixture sit for 3 min. (Don't skimp on this step.)

5. Combine flour mixture and butter/sugar mixture. Stir for 1 min.

6. Fold in chocolate chips and let cookie dough to set-up for 2 min. (The fresh whole wheat flour needs this time to completely hydrate.)

7. On a parchment lined baking sheet, use an ice-cream scoop to place 6 big scoops of cookie dough onto the baking sheet, leaving plenty of room for the dough to spread.

8. Bake for 5 min. Rotate baking sheet. Bake for 4 more min. (If your cookies don't seem done, add another minute.)

9. Let cookies cool on baking sheet for one minute before moving to a wire rack to cool completely.

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  1. 14 Tbsp. of wonder it's so good! :) Seriously, my mouth is watering thinking about your cookies! Thanks for sharing. Between you and Red Gate, blog-hopping isn't a good before-dinner activity for me because it creates too much drool on the keyboard...