Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring, so far

We've had a busy and blessed far! Here are a few pictures of our recent events. I ran in my first 5K, and had a blast. (Let's remember that TIME is not important...rather, focus on the fact that the verb RUN is part of my life!) The girls had a great time celebrating Easter! (I think they especially loved their handmade Easter baskets. I had a great time making them! I am forever grateful to the precious Mrs. Dot that taught me how to make the baskets and supplied everything I needed for a precious gift to my girls!) We got to all go to Camp Victory for Horsemanship Day and learn all about horses. Afterward, we stopped by the strawberry patch to pick strawberries and indulge in strawberry shortcake. Hope that you are having a great Spring, too!!

(So, the pictures are a bit out of order...but, since I've now been on here way too long...I just have to let them be as they may. One day, maybe I'll figure blogging out...and actually remember what I've figured out so as to be able to apply it!)

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