Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Day

Ok, this is my first attempt at blogging so bear with me.
Today Kristen is attending the Extraordinary Women's conference to become even more perfect. That means that the girls and I have the day together, so here is what we did today:

After the usual wake-up/good morning snuggles, they decided that they wanted chocolate cake for breakfast. Since we did not have any cake, it meant we got to make one. Now we had some success at Christmas making a cake, but today we did not have any sucanat, so the whole thing would have to be made with either honey or Agave Nectar, or both. We opted to go with one round and one square layer in order to make a heart shape. They then begged for icing, which I made with the little bit of powdered sugar we had. It was not near enough sugar, so I tried a trick I saw on Food Network. You put regular sugar in the food processor and in a minute you have powdered sugar. Sounds easy, but the small black N decker model obviously does not have the power to do this as we had "crunchy" icing as Libby called it. Then they wanted sprinkles, when I said "no" Libby said, "but it is what I have always longed for," and how to say no to that? After we were done "decorating" the cake, the girls decided to save it to surprise Mommy when she got home.
So we had eggs for breakfast. Here is the cake:

Next we played for a bit and then headed out to "town." We stopped by the Fort Walton Beach Free Zoo (aka Petland) and played with a Daschund puppy that retailed for like $1200, so I made sure Clara did not break it.

Libby is not in the pictures bacasue she stood on the bench the whole time convinced this viscious beast would bite her.

Then we read books in Books-A-Million and then headed to TGIFridays for lunch. We had a coupon for $8 off our meal, so guess what our bill was? $7.99..oh yeah...beat the system. I just opted not to eat until I got home, but the girls enjoyed their lunch.

Libby enjoyed so much that she ate the eniter bowl of pasta, a cup of Chocolate Milk, Mandarin Oranges, adn the patty of Clara's Hamburger. She is laying on the floor with a Tummy Ache (oops).

Now we are home again, awaiting Kristen's return so we can try this cake. I think I'll let them have the first bite. It's been a great day.



  1. My husband is flipping hysterical! I especially love the part about the Free Zoo!!! (I thought the cake was delicious...helps me be more perfect.) -Kristen

  2. Oh, you guys are too funny. And cute! Brandon, you crack me up! (I definitely think you should become a secret blogger, now!!) See you all tonight. :)

  3. Dad is great! He baked us a chocolate cake!!! (Bill Cosby)

    -cindy sullivan

  4. Well I just decided to see if ya'll had updated lately
    and I had to lay on the floor from laughing and
    tummy hurting too (joke) because i feel so very blessed
    to have a son-in-law who is such an awesome dad
    and husband to my daughter, who is just the best mom
    in the world (I know cause i've witnessed her in action)
    Love to you all.