Saturday, July 18, 2015


It's a 24/7 celebration!!
Update Day 1- 7/18/15 $876 given today! Thank you!
Update Day 2- 7/19/15 $1,190 given today! Simply amazing!!! Thank you!
Update Day 3- 7/20/15 $342 given today! Thank you!!
Update Day 4- 7/21/15 $507 given today! Thank you!!
Update Day 5- 7/22/15 $398 given today! Thank you!!
Update Day 6- 7/23/15 $400 given today!! Thank you!!
Update Day 7- 7/24/15 Finishing strong! Final updates will post in a few days to allow offline donations to roll in!! Thank you!!

Today is my dad's 66th birthday! We wish that we could be there to celebrate with him. Somehow, this birthday feels extra important. It's the kind of reality where you accept that your dad has lung cancer stage 3b. We tuck "special days" away thinking that this might be his last, and at the same time, we cling to the truth that every day is special and hope we have many more with him!

So, on this special day, I'm hoping for a miracle of sorts... and it involves you! Today, I'm asking for others to help say "Happy Birthday" by giving to my dad's CROWDRISE fund. I'm praying for a total of $6,600 to be given this week alone! Now, this takes math, and I'm gonna try my best: 100 people give $66, 10 people give $660, or everyone gives what they can, and I let God do the math. (That usually works out WAY better!)

People have been very generous to give money, time, prayer, food and friendship to my family. We are all so grateful and humbled by how God is taking care of my dad (and each of us)! While my dad does have great medical coverage through medicare, the copays and prescription costs have come tumbling in. My mom has been able to pay small amounts on the copays for hospital stays, and most recently, enough money was given in 1 week to cover 1 month's worth of medicine! Humbled, I tell ya!

 My dad and mom have lived a life of helping others. They work so hard and give so much! Most of you may not know that my dad receives very little compensation (by his choosing) so that the church he pastors can have more money for giving and growth. My mom is still a faithful employee and goes to work every day at the age of 70! They have never put their hope in the ways of the world and truly live depending on the Lord. I am so grateful for every penny given and every prayer prayed on my family's behalf.

If you can, please consider giving $66.00 today!  Give as you can. ANY amount is wonderful!

Click HERE to give!

THANK YOU!! One more thing, I'm so pleased you've stopped by our blog and taken time read these words. Would you please pass this post along: use #66celebration Post on Facebook, Tweet away.

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  1. Awesome idea sis! Thanks for all that are celebrating with us today!