Monday, July 27, 2015

#66celebration Party of THANKS!!

YOU. ALL. Just wow! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that something so amazing could come together is just a few days time. As of July 18th, we asked and you have KEPT ON delivering! So many of you have shared our posts, given money, cheered us on, and championed with us through prayer. Now, we hold the banner of thankfulness high - so high - and say THANK YOU!! And a big WOO HOO! You guys are all just so awesome!

Our week long #66celebration birthday campaign has continued well past our 7 days. It's been like the 7th day that just won't stop! As of today, 7/27, $4,699 has been given to #66celebration. Along with other donations given since 6/9/15, my dad and mom have been blessed with nearly $6,500 in donations. Though there are many medical bills, several of them have been paid off or paid down significantly. Most importantly, my dad has been able to purchase immediately needed medicines.

Your hugs, gifts, prayers, and overall concern for my dad continue to mean so much. Every day is truly a blessing. I know that my dad's spirits have been lifted in these recent days. God is so good to take our offerings and turn them into hope in a person's life. That is only something that He can do. You have helped pave the way for hope to come. Thank you!

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