Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Two Layered House - Month 3

It is hard to believe that we've been in our new home for 3 months today! Time is flying! I must confess that this has been a difficult month for me. Maybe it's reality setting in... perhaps the honeymoon is over?! Maybe it's having to share a tiny bathroom as a family? Whatever it is, I'm feeling it. But, God is so good to gently remind me of His great love for me... that this house is just a "thing"...that He's going to use it in ways I can't even mold me into a better person - a better wife, mother, neighbor...for His glory. So, I better just unfurl these fists of control and give it all to Him. I am so thankful that He rescues me from me. (I'm thankful for chocolate and cherry limeades, too.)

So, what have we been up to at the house this month? Well, Day 1 of this month started out great! The concrete perimeter was poured around the house, and a new step was formed for the front porch. This completed the work we hired out...which began in early December. Woohoo! (Vantage Construction did an incredible job! We praise God for them and for each member of their work crew.) Somewhere during month 3 we learned that we are going to have to rewire the house soon. Bummer. However, we will be glad to know it's done one day...and that we won't be melting any more electrical outlets. Hopefully.

We also continued working on the upstairs bathroom remodel. After digging a little deeper into some of the problem areas in there, we realized that we really needed to remove the existing sheet-rock and tub surround. In its place, there will be is new drywall and soon - a tiled tub surround. Brandon also carved out some built-in shelving areas between the studs for some storage. He is doing a great job! This project feels like it's close to being done, but we aren't sure quite when it will be through.

I do have to give a huge shout out to the people who have gone out of their way to help us this month... Thank you Kenny, John, Jacob, Dave, Ryan and Jennifer! We are so grateful!

Demo-ing the upstairs bathroom.

Oh, yeah... Brandon built a table for our bathroom, too!

We all helped.

Do we need a rewire?

Cement being poured...stucco patch waiting to be painted.

Taking a break to play, fly kites, and run!

Because sometimes you just need to lie back and relax...

Clara flying her kite so high!

Take off!

Brandon and Jacob installing a vent to the upstairs bathroom...Maybe we'll see how it works by month 4! :-) #Hopeful
Anyway, even though we are on a time frame to get several major projects done, we know that this house is a side thing. Well, I'm learning that... I think. ;-) Ministry, homeschooling, directing Classical Conversations and volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club are the other (main) things that keep us busy. Taking time to put the trampoline up and  fly kites is important, too!

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