Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Have you ever had a friend grab your hand and drag you along on a new adventure? Well, that's exactly what Wendy has done to me! She has shown me the world of (in)courage. :-) It's so great! It's kinda a word I've seen around the www for awhile, but I didn't really know what it was. So, go ahead and click on over to (in)courage to see what it's all about. Trust me... good stuff there!

Today's post over at (in)courage happens to be about (in)courager groups. This is one of the things that has me so excited about the whole thing! Wendy and I will be leading an (in)courager group session that begins on Feb. 12. There are lots of groups forming, and it's sure to be a neat way to be encouraged and supported by your fellow sisters in Christ. I hope you'll stay tuned and find a group that's the perfect fit for you. Just click on those linky words... Can't wait!

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