Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Memorizing on Mondays

Since yesterday was Labor Day, I never got around to writing an update about our memory work for this week. So, here goes...

We started yesterday with pancakes. It was nice to have an unplanned morning, and we were able to extend our family worship time because we didn't have as demanding of a schedule. It was fun finding some of our favorite praise songs on YouTube and singing along. Prayer requests seemed unending; it was nice to linger as a family around the table.

We introduced question #3 last Monday, and it took us all week to get it. Even though we can all say the question and answer, we are all still pretty confused with the references. So, we decided to make this week a review week in order to really hammer in the first three questions, answers and corresponding scriptures. 

In addition to memorizing the catechism, we are also learning the Apostles' Creed. This isn't something that any of us already knew, and it has been challenging to learn it along with the questions. We broke it down into sections and have almost finished the entire thing. (Woohoo!) It's caused great questions around the breakfast table, and we've talked about the differences in modern and older languages as well as some theological subjects that the creed brings to mind. It's been great discussion! Also, Libby has decided to recite it this Friday at Classical Conversations as her presentation. (Go, Libby!)

I would love to hear what your family uses for times of worship within your home.

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