Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beautiful weather, a DQ Dilly Bar, and a few good country songs

Today has been such a fun day! Today, I am excited about being a "Teacher Mommy". We had orientation for Libby's tutor group this morning. I was a little nervous as to how we would fit into this group of homeschoolers. However, after getting out of the van, all my concerns just melted away. There was a precious family walking alongside ours whose little boy (1 of 7 children) didn't have any shoes. The mother began to explain that surely in all of the getting ready, the shoes had been forgotten and there were no "extras" floating around in her car. (YES! They even keep shoes in their car, too!) We fit in just fine...needless to least we had shoes on...for this week, anyway! :-) I was so excited to be around other homeschooling families! Libby's teacher/tutor is so nice, and I look forward to what this year will bring.

After orientation, we went to the park to play with some friends of ours. Other than it being REALLY hot, we all had a blast! The kids played in the spray park most of the time. Next, I took the girls to DQ for lunch and a treat. It was fun to eat out with them by myself. Libby is getting to be so grown up at times, and she is such a big help. There were a few good songs that came on the radio while we were there. Something about "Waiting on Her" and "I saw God today". I really like both of them, and they make you reflect on some of the best things in life...your family and your faith. When we finished our food, we each got a Dilly Bar. I wasn't sure how it would turn out...2 kids, 1 adult, chocolate ice cream bars...the possibilities are endless. Seeing the pure delight spread across their faces made it all worth it. Somewhere between the chocolate and ice cream smiles, Clara says, "Soap!" Yes, indeed...we were gonna need some soap! It was a beautiful day.


  1. What a sweet day with your girls! I'm so glad the meeting went well... I am very easily intimidated, and I'm sure I would have been feeling the same way you were on the way there! But praise God that you were so blessed and encouraged by your time spent with helpers in Libby's education. I am eagerly following all your homeschool experiences. It's an idea that I find really interesting, but I haven't really felt that "call" (yet anyway). Nonetheless...I'm paying attention! I really enjoy your blog.

    On the subject of country music...isn't it funny how there is such a "Jekyll and Hyde" thing going on with country music?? There are those sweet songs that really make you think and pull at your heartstrings. And then there are the ones that make you want to cover your kids' ears or "detox" yourself afterwards! I wish it wasn't that way. But I think I will always like that country music sound...and there are a few old favorites that my husband and I loved in high school when we were dating. ('Life's a Dance' that plays on my blog is one of those - it's kind of "our song.")

    Anyways, I digress...but I love your posts, and I'm enjoying getting to know you better! See you around. :)


  2. I am so impressed.  Your mom shared your blogspot with me this morning.  She is so precious. It was great to see you guys last weekend.  You are a source of inspiration for me.It will be great to follow your homeschooling experience.  I know you will be blessed.  We enjoy the lifestyle that it allows us.  Simple but can be chaotic.  We are watching the weather and will be praying for you guys.  Talk to you soon-Nikki